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's more... mmm! male announcer ] ...per second. get verizon high-speed internet and phone for just $84.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card and an additional line included. verizon. captioned by thenational captioning institute-->> live and in hd, this is abc seven news at noon, on your side. >> good afternoon. we have been enjoying beautiful weather. >> wonderful out there that a thunderstorm system could be headed our way, so let's get to
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jacqui jeras for a look at our forecast. >> it is the calm before the storm. you can feel the breeze, but the
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temperatures are wartake a look at this -- please stand by accident thank you very much jacqui. this month has seen a lot of weather that is wild. crocs people have seen snows record highs and even tornadoes. jummy olabanji spoke to residents in our area about how they are dealing with changing weather. >> in a few days, it will be february the middle of winter, but this weather feels like anything but that. >> i am loving that. >> he was one of the many taking advantage. oxygen back is not minding the say temperatures will be 25 degrees above average in many areas which is hard to believe since we saw ice and snow just days
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ago. >> yesterday they were in their heavy coats and by the time we got home -- overnight severe storms pounded states. high wind and falling trees destroyed homes and cars, and many are dealing with major flooding in crews are bracing for a full winter of snow. >> a storm system might use thunderstorms over all areas tonight. for now, many art -- trying to take in the peaceful weather while it is here. >> in northwest washington jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> we want to turn to a developing story out of maryland. one lane of traffic was blocked
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after a crash. brianne carter joins us from the newsroom with more on the investigation. >> we are getting new information at this hour. officials tell us the condition of the firefighter that remained in the hospital is improving grid sources confirm that dr. james higgins who worked on the double arm transplant is working on the injured firefighter after this morning's early crash. xa prince george's county volunteer firefighter the mains in the hospital after an early- morning crash. officials say just before 3 a.m. -- 3:00 a.m. the impact of the crash caused three vehicles to overturn. >> initial reports are the
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engine has been released from a previous accident on or near route 50 and the engine was in the process of returning when it was struck. three firefighters were taken to prince george's hospital where they were treated and released. three others, including the tractor-trailer driver were taken to the hospital. >> get them in here. >> for several hours, the crumpled pieces of the truck and trailer sat sideways on the beltway, the fire truck literally in pieces. >> while crews worked for several hours to clean up the crash, it caused major delays on the inner and outer loop of the beltway. normal commute? >> about 20 minutes aired >> -- minutes. >> how long have you been here footie five minutes. >> how long do you think it will
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take you? >> another 25 minutes. >> reporting, lee and carter abc seven -- brianne carter abc 7 news. >> a four-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a car. investigators have not said more about the boy's condition or whether charges will be filed. a jury will recommend a sentence for the former police officer convicted in the death of an unarmed woman. yesterday, jurors found daniel harmon-wright guilty. he testified he fired in self- defense. he faces up to 25 years in prison. >> the anne arundel county council is expected to hold an emergency meeting to discuss removing county executive john leopold from office one day
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after he was convicted of misconduct. he used funds to put up signs and compile files on rivals. the council could vote as soon as monday on a bill to remove the republican from office. >> we are four days away from super bowl 47, but young ravens and 49ers fans are joining together. >> that is a good thing. john gonzales is live in new orleans. >> good afternoon. things are really getting fun in the big easy. we are inside the convention center. this is one of the largest in the country. this year is the nfl experience. it officially kicks off today and will run every day until the rest of -- run every day for the
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rest of the week until the super bowl. it is a massive playground, if you will. it gives you an idea of the interactive activities. that is called the rush zone giving folks the chance to do their best rg3 impersonation. here, you have field-goal kicking. you can kick 10, 20, 30, 40- yard field goals. they even have a mock draft station. today is tuesday. more than 1500 children from around the area are having a blast. i am going to try to kick a field goal. i am going to go for a 30-yard field goal. i nailed it during practice. this will probably not happen
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live. i the shirt and tie on. 30-yard field goal with the microphone and everything. pressure is on. let's see if i can nail it? i nailed it. 30-yard field goal. let's do a 40-yard field goal. >> good. >> cynne, scott, i am ready. >> back to you. >> he will be turning in his microphone. >> this is a man of many talents. a "sports illustrated" report is questioning whether baltimore ravens star linebacker ray lewis used a band substance during his recovery, seeking help from a dear aunt were spray to treat a
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torn triceps. the company that makes the pod it says it contains a byproduct of human growth hormone, which is banned in the nfl. he has never tested positive and dismissed the report as stupidity. >> maryland governor martin o'malley focused on the economy and education in his state of the state this morning. he says maryland is ahead of the other states because of fiscal choices made during the recession. moving ahead, he will increase the rainy day fund protect the aaa bond rating and cut spending by eight $.3 million. >> the us economy shrank despite a increase in consumer spending because of big one-time factors like the shrink in defense spending. it is the first time the economy has contracted since the
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recession ended. coming up, a hostage situation underway in alabama. we have details on how authorities are trying to save a six-year-old child from armed gunmen. >> another miracle on the hudson and this is caught on tape. >> a new study that takes a different approach to losing weight. next jacqui jeras will be back for
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>> the gun-control control debate is heating up on capitol hill with the senate judiciary committee hearing on gun violence underway for the first hearing since the sandy hook shooting.
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one of the witnesses with congresswoman gabrielle giffords who had trouble speaking after being severely wounded in a shooting two years ago, but she said it was important for her to be there today here at -- today. >> many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. it will be hard but the time is now. you must act. >> giffords and her husband after not mark kelly cup -- astronaut mark kelly started an organization called americans for responsible solutions. >> in alabama a six-year-old boy is in danger him a being held hostage by a man who already
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shot and killed a school bus driver. >> swat teams and police have descended upon midland city, alabama, trying to save a child's life and defuse an ongoing hostage situation. a gunman boarded a school bus killing the driver and kidnapping a boy with special needs. >> he said he needed a kid and then he shot the bus driver. the driver's foot was on the gas, and we went back rent -- backward. >> parents scrambled to find their children. >> nobody told me anything. i went to look for my son. >> radar traffic capture the chaos. >> just had a boss trevor shot possibly deceased. >> suspect is on foot. white male, sunglasses. >> police sources described the
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suspect as a military veteran in his 60's, recently charged with menacing. he might be due in court today. he is thought to be holding the young boy in an underground bunker with no easy way to plan a rescue. >> it is a tricky situation and it is one of the variables for why this has gone on so many hours. ex-neighbors say the man has previously threatened in. >> another miracle on the hudson and this one involving a much smaller plane with two people on board a flight instructor and her student but it was caught on 911 tape. student tyler christopher schmitt, just shortly just -- student pilot christopher plunging into the hudson river
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having just enough time to get the best on before they had to plunge. >> my mind went blank. that is how cold it was. >> they were in the water for 30 minutes and it would have been longer if it were not for off- duty officers that happened to be nearby. the rescuers admitted they did not think there was a chance for a rescue. >> jacqui jeras how much longer do we have to soak up this weather? asked like 12 hours -- >> like 12 hours. we will be in the 60's, whooshing 70 degrees this is -- pushing 70 degrees this afternoon but we are concerned about storms. 63 degrees at the noon hour display the cloud -- despite the
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cloud cover. as you look at the roof cam, you can see it shaking back and forth. look at with the wind is doing out of the cell at 20 miles an hour. look at temperatures across the region. i nap was, 60. everybody else -- annapolis, 60. 68 degrees at dulles. 64 in frederick. all of the warmer here is being drawn up ahead of the storm system as the low pressure system brings in wind from the south. it has been producing severe weather over the last 24 hours with 200 wind damage reports and half a dozen reports with tornadoes and major damage in the northern part of georgia. there was video just tweeted out of the tornado. most of the energy is to the
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south but some of our storms could bring down wins in excess of 60 miles an hour. we are in the slight risk area for damaging wind. it will move through quickly, but it could come down heavy rain, one-2-2 inches tonight. this is in urban areas where the water might be standing for a little while. today, mostly cloudy skies breezy a will be spotty in nature with temperatures between 64 and tonight, the main thunderstorms will come through. a few could be severe and cause flooding. the low is between 42 degrees
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and 46 degrees. this will all push out of here by tomorrow. clearing then with sunshine a high of 47 degrees. tomorrow, he equally as old. temperatures friday and saturday in the 30's. >> something for everybody. >> coming up on abc seven news at noon seven news on your side with a salmon recall affecting whole food -- stores in several states. >> learn about michael bolton and cutting his signature
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>> a recall alert affecting salmon at whole foods stores. the us fda says the recall was announced after salmon tested positive for listeria. it was sold in more than one dozen states and listeria can cause a fatal infection in young kids the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. >> losing weight might not just be about what you eat but when you eat it according to a new study. the study followed 420 people in spain because they typically eat lunch as a larger male later
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in the day. those that ate lunch before 3:00 p.m. lost 20% more weight. >> this might not be good for diets the new york bakery that grabbed the spotlight with super bowl themed cupcakes are picking things up for the big game. >> coconut cake shop brought back the popular chicken wing cupcakes, and they also added salsa and chips, pepperoni pizza, cornbread and chilly chocolate covered pretzel, and finally, bud light lime. those are all available. >> a variety >>
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>> just bask in the glow of the remaining hours of warmth. >> exactly, go outside. >> but plan ahead. we could see damaging storms thunderstorms. temperatures today, post to 70 -- close to 70. >> sounds amazing. thanks for joining us.
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